Corpak Soft Comfort Hot And Cold, 10" X 13", Rectangle

Corpak soft comfort hot and cold, 10" x 13", rectangle

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Heat in microwave

Non-toxic, biodegradable gel.

Soft, frost-free cover

Store in freezer until needed


25.90 р.

Kose - Je Laime Secret

Brand from Japan Kose. Silicon-free formula to extract the essence of development, non-mineral oil, sodium sulfate and alcohol and other substances. To prevent the remaining residue left behind to
74.81 р.

High Performance Fitness, Inc. 1st

First Step for Energy High Potency B-12 Formulated for maximum absorption to effectively increase your B-12 levels. Vital for maintaining optimum health including Formation of red blood cells
34.09 р.

Options Men's Basic With Built-in

Options men's basic with built-in barrier/support, gray, right-side stoma, large 40-42. Everyday men's basic brief. Perfect for active daywear and sleeping with fly opening. 50 cotton/50 poly. Ostomy
21.50 р.

L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Liss

What it is L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Liss Control Smooth 2What it does Bestseller smooth control gel-cream. Ideal for smoothing and controlling unruly hair, frizzy hair
41.99 р.

Nano Water Facial Steamer Sprayer

It is a good way to save money by enjoying spa-like skin care at home with our Nano Water Facial Steamer Sprayer Spa Skin Care Deep Moisturizing Mist Maker! This
10.08 р.

Sportaid Wrist Brace Slip-on, Beige

Sportaid wrist brace slip-on, beige, small.
4.68 р.

Poise Pantiliners Very Light 8-1/2

Poise pantiliner very light 8-1/2 long, unique absorbent, discreet protection
2.54 р.

Easy Cath Coude Intermittent Catheter

Easy cath intermittent catheter coude 14 fr 16 l, sterile, latex-free, curved packaging
12.67 р.

Blank Kids Physical Sunscreen SPF

No Chemical SunscreensPetroleum-Free-Paraben Free, BiodegradableNo NanoparticlesRecommended by Pediatrician and DermatologistsFor Sensitive SkinRich in Antioxidants, Enriched with Helionori, Pomegranate, and Plants
1.99 р.

Adaptic Non Adhering Dressing

The ADAPTIC Non-adhering Dressing by Johnson Johnson is a perfect solution for most draining wounds. It is coated with a petrolatum emulsion to prevent dressing adherence and to
1.31 р.

Leader Epsom Salt Granules, 16

Leader epsom salt granules, 16 oz.
29.76 р.

Cytosport Muslce Milk Protein Bar

Cytosport Muslce Milk Protein Bar - Peanut Butter Cookie 12 Bars
10.77 р.

Corpak Soft Comfort Hot And

Corpak soft comfort hot and cold, 10 x 13 , rectangle. Soft, frost-free cover. Store in freezer until needed. Heat in microwave. Non-toxic, biodegradable gel.
5.38 р.

Wypall L10 Sani-prep Dairy Towels

Wypall l10 sani-prep dairy towels, 9.3 x 10.5 , white.
32.78 р.

Centerpointlock 2-piece Cut-to-fit Flat Flexwear

Centerpointlock 2-piece cut-to-fit flat flexwear standard wear skin barrier with floating flange and tape border 1-1/4 stoma size, 1-3/4 flange size
89.90 р.

Ulcercare Left-sided Zipper W/2 Liners

Ulcercare 2 part system for venous stasis ulcers, left-sided zipper closure - opposite side of venous ulcer, beige, medium, with 2 liners. 1 stocking, 2 liners per box.
3.63 р.

7-day Push Button Pill Reminder

7-day push button pill reminder 2 x 5-5/8 medium. Colors may vary.
28.77 р.

T.e.d. Thigh Length Continuing Care

T.E.D. Thigh length continuing care anti-embolism stockings medium, long length, latex-free, white
14.76 р.

Sepro Net Elastic Bandage, Size

Sepro-net elastic tubular bandage size 5, 25 yds., latex-free, for arm, leg, foot, hand, thigh, head, shoulder
56.99 р.

Cuffed Regular D.I.C. Tracheostomy Tube

D.I.C. trach tubes are designed with a disposable, inner cannula that facilitates both patient care and helps to reduce the possibility of postprocedural infection. Built-in 15 mm ISO termination for
11.49 р.

Select Disposable Briefs

Select Disposable Brief is specially designed for heavy incontinence. The blue soft-wicking layer accelerates moisture pick-up to provide rapid absorbency and skin dryness. Briefs are color-coded by size and have
.33 р.

Remstar Ultra Fine Filter, Disposable

Remstar ultra fine filter, disposable.
18.95 р.

Life Time Nutritional Specialties Natural

15 Oleuropein70 Carvacrol Herbal SupplementImmune SupportWild Oregano
94.66 р.

Accu-chek Ultraflex-i 12 6

Features a reversible disconnect at the cannula site, with an audible click connection that makes connecting and disconnecting a simple, one-handed process. Comes with a blue holder cap to ease
24.99 р.

USN Bcaa Aminos Plus

USN Bcaa Aminos Plus - Fruit Punch 30 Servings
2.03 р.

Suction Catheter Kit 14 Fr

Suction catheter kit 14 fr with safe-t-vac valve, two latex-free glove, 100ml bottle of sterile saline
21.20 р.

Bluebonnet Nutrition Beta Carotene C

Dietary SupplementAntioxidant FormulaGluten FreeVegan
8.60 р.

Kal Phytosterol Complex - 60

Kal Phytosterol Complex - 60 Tabs